Welcome to our Digital Library!

We welcome you to our new Digital Orthodox Theological Library, with free access to books, scholarly journals, edited volumes and yearbooks, monographs and theological essays. It is easily accessible and completely free from desktop and mobile appliances.

The advantages of the Orthodox Theological Digital Library:
There are no natural barriers. Users of Orthodox Theology Digital Library, need not come to the natural space can be accessed from anywhere in the world via the Internet.
The information is always available. The gates of the Library is always open 24 hours a day.
Retrieve information in a user friendly and easy as to how to search and information retrieval environment.
Maintenance and preservation. An exact copy of the original can be used without reducing the quality and wear of the natural object.
Area. The preservation of digital material grapples less space.
Multiple access. The same source can use multiple users simultaneously.
Structured approach. Books are categorized in a meaningful and easy to understand way, so finding the book you were looking for is a particularly easy task.
Networking. The Orthodox Theological Academy of Digital Library Theological Studies, offers the most current interfaces (links) and other material from other digital agencies, Greek and foreign.
Current information. The procedure of posting new books and journals digitally in contrast to the usual publication process is extremely fast
Access to theological material remained inaccessible until now, eg Incunabula theological works of 16th-19th century.Access to theological articles – books newly released. Ability to find theological books with the summary available in English and soon French.