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Thriskeiologia – Holy/Profane, issue 3, April – June 2002

Thriskeiologia – Holy/Profane, issue 3, April – June 2002, pp. 240.

The third issue, April – June 2002, of Thriskeiologia magazine – Holy/Profane includes 13 articles.

            The first part of the magazine (“Chronicles of Religious Studies”) consists of 3 articles.

            The issue is dedicated to Socrates and G. Tsiantis looks into the philosopher’s peculiar Politics, based on his unified Ethical and Political stance.

            The issue is also dedicated to N. Louvaris, and N. Kritharas attempts a brief approach to his thinking in relation to the encounter between religion and art.

            Following that, we find an abstract from N. Louvaris’ book, Symposium of Saints, with regard to the essence of religion as a psychological phenomenon.

            The second part of the magazine (“Traditional Religions”) consists of 3 articles.

            A. Boletsis studies the case of Sacred Kingdom in Hawaii in the particular historical, social, political and aesthetical tradition of the region, underlining at the same time the problems of such an effort.

            C. Terezis and G Fyskilis are examining to what extend some of Heracletus’ views can be seen in the light of Christian teaching, or can be examined together in a common frame.

            M. Vardis offers a brief presentation of the debate between the “liberal” and the “traditional” in Greece during the 19th century.

            The third part of the magazine is dedicated to the theme “Racism – The different colours of religion” and includes 3 articles.

            V. Adrachtas is interested in the way in which post-captivity Judaism had disambiguated its basic beliefs related to racism, after the experience of exile.

            P. Karamouzis analyzes the Encyclical Letter of the Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate (1872) that condemned nationalism, after presenting the general political and religious dimension of the greek and Bulgarian nationalism in the 19th century.

            G. Makris examines the racial differentiations within the Muslim communities of the Middle East and Africa from the emergence of Islam till today.

            The fourth part of the magazine, “Contemporary Expressions of the Sacred” consists of 4 articles.

            D. Bekridakis presents the views on death found in the general context of the religious beliefs of New Age.

            D. Oulis underlines the double meaning and the division of the rationality of the Enlightenment, while introducing apophatism as the condition that leads to an open, eschatological reading of the history.

            The text by V. Adrachtas is the third part of his article on the role of mysticism in W. James. Here he examines the features of the mystical experience according to James, as well as his remarks on the truth of mysticism.

            Ch. Selahvartzi studies the Islamic fundamentalism through the success of the phenomenon of Ayatollah Homeini, who managed to combine the political realism of sounis with the sentimentalism of shiis.

            The issue closes with the “Pages for Dialogue – Book Reviews”.

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