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Thriskeiologia – Holy/Profane, issue 5, July – September 2004

Thriskeiologia – Holy/Profane, issue 5, July – September 2004, pp. 336.


            The fifth issue, July – September 2004, of Thriskeiologia–Holy/Profane magazine includes 16 articles.

            The first part of the magazine (“Traditional Religions”) consists of 4 articles.

            D. Arkadas attempts a political interpretation of the Gospel of St Matthew, pointing to the main elements of the conflict between the jewish synagogue and the matthean community in the occasion of the resurrection of Jesus.

            In the second part of his article, V. kostopoulos presents the answers that Augustine gives to the question of time and eternity.

            Ο. Tofighian is treating the meaning of the different spiritual stages in relation to the two basic positions of the Sufi spiritual way, love and knowledge.

            E. Poniros, analyzing the platonic, plotinic and Christian views of soul, he realizes that they are not hostile to the human body.

            The second part of the magazine is dedicated to the theme “Violence and Sacred” and includes 9 articles.

            G. Tsiantis examines the theoretical grounds of the way to overcome violence and define it in the early ancient greek literature.

            D. Bekridakis sketches the encounter of specific mythical motives of the Aztecs with the main form of ritual violence, the human sacrifice.

            G. Trompf attempts a criticism of R. Girard’s views on sacrifice, violence and sacred, using the results of anthropological studies in Melanesia.

            D. Arkadas makes a hermeneutical approach to the theological meaning of violence in the book of Jesus Navi.

            D. Oulis analyzes the character of violence in orthodox monasticism and the double management of aggressiveness of the monk as internalization of violence.

            F. Shinas refers in brief to some cases of Christian Ethics, in which the murder is considered allowed and agreeable to God.

             What follows is a greek translation of abstracts from different texts of M. Gandi and M.L.King on non-violence.

            P. Karamouzis examines historically the role and function of religious violence in the “sacred” and “dissacred” social space.

            J. Schneider analyzes historically, philosophically and theologically the work of Nikolaos Kouzanos “De Pace Fidei”, which aims at the “eternal peace of religion”.

            The third part of the magazine, “Contemporary Expressions of Sacred” includes 3 articles.

            Chr. Hartney attempts a historical analysis of the presence of the different religious communities of Australia and the development of their society.

            A. McGarrity makes a critical presentation of the post-modern trend to compare Wittgenstein with the 2nd century Buddhist thinker Nagarjuna.

            A. Gannakopoulos makes a critical consideration of the phenomenon of neo-orthodoxy and communitarianism and in particular of their views and differences on civilization.

             The issue closes with the “Pages for Dialogue – Book Reviews”.

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