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Thriskeiologia – Holy/Profane, issue 6-7, October 2005

Thriskeiologia – Holy/Profane, issue 6-7, October 2005, pp. 272.


            The double 6th-7th issue, October 2005, of Thriskeiologia–Holy/Profane magazine includes 14 articles.

            The first part of the magazine (“Religious Studies Chronicles”) consists of 1 article.

            Ο. Tofighian makes an extensive reference to the approach of P. Tillich on the study of religion underlining some of its basic elements and mainly the position that religion is the last provision.

            The second part of the magazine, “Traditional Religions” has 4 articles.

            V. Stoligkas deals with the relation between love and death and then presents elements of this reality as expressed in the Divine Liturgy and the ancient greek tragedy.

            V. Kostopoulos presents and analyzes the plotinic thinking on eternity and time and thus on cosmology as presented in the Enneada III, 7.

            El. Boliaki mentions in brief three different approaches of Bhagavad-Gita and its role in the political life of India.

            D. Arkadas presents the problem of accumulation of wealth and the eschatological orientation that early Christianity gave to it referring also to the contemporary challenges around the issue of economy.

            The third part of the magazine is dedicated to the theme “Women empowerment and religion” and includes 5 articles.

            F. Kabasele, after referring to the relation between gender and religion, he describes the role of women in all contemporary relgions and finally the women’s resistance and their different movements.

            Sp. Athanasopoulou – Kypriou refers in brief to the history of the feminist movement and presentssome basic elements and trends of feminist theology.

            P. Voutsina presents the contemporary trends of feminist philosophy of religion, as seen at the collective work FeministPhilosophyofReligion: CriticalReadings, 2004.

            K. Stuerzenhofecker introduces us to the basic principles of the feminist approaches to the study of religion through the works and views of their main representatives.

            Sp. Athanasopoulou-Kypriou attempts a critical theological approach to the problem of the use of inclusive language in religion and worship.

            The fourth part of the magazine, “Contemporary Manifestations of Sacred” has 4 articles.

            D. Oulis offers a critical view of the books and thinking of D. Brown, referring also to the future of Christianity.

            D. Bekridakis analyzes the cosmological views of the new religious movement of Transcendental Meditation.

            Ch. Hartney presents the contemporary religious trends in Vietnam that seesaws between new and traditional spirituality.

            D. Pecotic attempts an approach to the shamanic practices of the aboriginals in Australia in relation to secularization of western inwardeness.  

            The issue closes with the “Pages for Dialogue – Book Reviews”.          

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